20 October 2008

Music playgrounds [Denmark]

I have come across a few music playgrounds during the last couple of years. It wouldn't be fair to say that they are a common phemomenon, but there are a few of them around. However, I have only seen them in Denmark, and I would be happy to hear if anyone has information about any similar playgrounds in other countries.
I recorded the following two clips at the Tivoli Gardens in mid October. The clips are very short, as they were shot with an ordinary digital camera (for stills) and not a digital movie camera, but hopefully they'll still give you an idea of the concept. It just wouldn't be enough with a photo. You need to hear the sound, too!
The instrument made of the plastic drainpipes is known as a 't├Žskofon'. The closest equivalent I can come up with in English would be a 'slappophone'.

I was at this particular music playground with a friend and her 3-year-old who simply loves being allowed to make a lot of noise. My friend thought the cacophony made by her son along with all the other 20 children there sounded like a composition by Palle Mikkelborg. (No offence, Mr. Mikkelborg!)

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